Halfway There

6 months ago a tiny wrinkled baby boy was born into our world and we haven’t been the same ever since. We named Giovanni after his Great Grandfather and his Great Great Grandfather, both from Italy, who equally shared a deep love for family and a great pride for working hard. I think Gio will carry these same traits with him into his life, because already we can see the deep love he has for his sister and the careful way he explores his toys and the world around him. He’s our little lion… and we are so very lucky to call him our son.

It’s so hard to believe we are halfway to his first birthday, it almost isn’t fair how quickly children grow up! So instead of dwelling on how fast time is passing us by, we’re going to grab his chubby baby cheeks and kiss them for as long as we can… because we’re halfway there BABY, and each day with you is oh so sweet!

The Heart of a Sister

Having both little ones at home with me every day, I never really know what sort of excitement awaits… so, yesterday morning when I brought out some of Giovanni’s toys, Ava learned all about what it means to be a “sister”. It was a rough lesson with a few tears and a lot of laughs… and something that I hadn’t really anticipated, but it was an awesome moment that I was so grateful to capture.

I never would have thought that a stack of blocks could evoke so much emotion and excitement from two siblings trying to figure out their roles in the family. After we mastered the “sharing” part, I explained to Ava that being a big sister means she gets to be a teacher for her little brother, to watch out for him as he grows up and to be there for him when no one else is. So after some time passed and more block stacking and tower smashing ensued, I could tell she was putting some thought into what we had talked about. Then she turned, looked right into my eyes and said, “yes mama… I will take care of Gio”.

I think in that moment my heart exploded - because it made me realize that no matter where life takes the two of them… I know they will always have each other… her goofiness and his laughter, already they have such a love for each other… and for that I am forever grateful.

You're Gonna Miss This...

You’re gonna want this back… You’re gonna wish these days, hadn’t gone by so fast…

You know the song… every time I hear it I get choked up because it’s so completely true - Yet in those hard messy moments that are real life, I miss it. I miss it all… I miss the way her hair falls in her face when she concentrates so hard while dressing her barbie dolls. I miss the random collection of toys thrown about the living room floor that somehow has important meaning to her and her beautiful 4 year old mind. I miss the little smiles and giggles that the two of them share when no one is looking. I miss his gorgeous blue eyes and how they sparkle like nothing I’ve ever seen before, only for his sister.

I miss it all, and it makes me want to rewind time so I can go back and soak in all their little moments - because they’re only little for so long.

So, thank God for Trace Adkins or I don’t know if my type A busy body could slow down long enough to remember to take it all in… and thank God for photographs, beautiful unscripted photographs that freeze time - if only for an instant.

Sunshine Girl

Sometimes you just need to stop and blow some bubbles! My 4 year old loves bubbles… maybe all 4 year olds love bubbles, but on this particular Saturday of Easter weekend we made sure to get outside in the sunshine and enjoy the bubbles whole heartedly! I’m so glad we did… With the rushing around that every day brings it seems like I forget to stop and just enjoy the magic that is being 4. Her mind is simply awesome, the stories she comes up with and the imaginative scenes she draws are incredible and I hope that I never forget the way she says “mama”, because that sweet little voice won’t last forever. It’s days like this and bubble filled moments like these that make me so grateful God blessed me with her… she’s my unicorn!

Change is Beautiful

Since 2011 I have been meeting incredible families and little ones, capturing their love and making their memories last forever... My little business began as a hobby and quickly grew into a full time career - with my husband by my side, he literally came to every single session and even shot backup for all my weddings. 

The scene has changed a bit over the years... Chris no longer is able to accompany me to all my sessions, no more providing dads with distracting humor and making the little clients giggle - he now stays home with our almost 4 year old baby girl who is the love of our life!  But one thing has remained the same... I continue to find inspiration in the light and the love that is shared between each parent and child I meet - it's like watching magic being created in real time. 

I'm so grateful to the families that have stuck by me from the very beginning and the little loves that have grown up so quickly right before my eyes - you all make this so worthwhile! 

My clients rock!

Madison Family Photographer