Change is Beautiful

Since 2011 I have been meeting incredible families and little ones, capturing their love and making their memories last forever... My little business began as a hobby and quickly grew into a full time career - with my husband by my side, he literally came to every single session and even shot backup for all my weddings. 

The scene has changed a bit over the years... Chris no longer is able to accompany me to all my sessions, no more providing dads with distracting humor and making the little clients giggle - he now stays home with our almost 4 year old baby girl who is the love of our life!  But one thing has remained the same... I continue to find inspiration in the light and the love that is shared between each parent and child I meet - it's like watching magic being created in real time. 

I'm so grateful to the families that have stuck by me from the very beginning and the little loves that have grown up so quickly right before my eyes - you all make this so worthwhile! 

My clients rock!

Madison Family Photographer