The Heart of a Sister

Having both little ones at home with me every day, I never really know what sort of excitement awaits… so, yesterday morning when I brought out some of Giovanni’s toys, Ava learned all about what it means to be a “sister”. It was a rough lesson with a few tears and a lot of laughs… and something that I hadn’t really anticipated, but it was an awesome moment that I was so grateful to capture.

I never would have thought that a stack of blocks could evoke so much emotion and excitement from two siblings trying to figure out their roles in the family. After we mastered the “sharing” part, I explained to Ava that being a big sister means she gets to be a teacher for her little brother, to watch out for him as he grows up and to be there for him when no one else is. So after some time passed and more block stacking and tower smashing ensued, I could tell she was putting some thought into what we had talked about. Then she turned, looked right into my eyes and said, “yes mama… I will take care of Gio”.

I think in that moment my heart exploded - because it made me realize that no matter where life takes the two of them… I know they will always have each other… her goofiness and his laughter, already they have such a love for each other… and for that I am forever grateful.